The Best Electric bike for commuting in 2022

The best ebike 2020-Asomtom Electric bike

The best electric bike 2022:ebike types explained and how to choose the right one for you

With the spread of the epidemic, in order to reduce public intensive crowd contact, more and more people choose a healthier and safer way to travel-electric bicycles.
Electric bicycles have become more and more popular in recent years. Because for commuters, if they are riding ordinary bicycles, they will be very tired when they go to work, but Electric bikes can provide you with some extra help while riding, electric bicycles can alleviate the fatigue caused by work during the day. So how to choose a suitable electric bicycle is more and more important.
So how to choose a best e-bike for communting?

If you want to buy an electric bicycle for commuting or riding in the city, this k70 electric bike is the best for you.


This electric bicycle has a flat rod and stable handling. The electric bike battery will be powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion
36v 7.5a battery. Like other batteries in electric vehicles, they are used because of their lightweight, good performance, and fast charging speed (usually within 3-5 hours). There are many electric bicycle batteries that are externally mounted on the electric bicycle and are detachable, but this electric bicycle is very special. The battery is removable and built into the tube to form a more elegant shape. The charging port is on the side of the front tube. This will not only make the two electric bicycles more beautiful, but also the battery is more waterproof, so there is no need to worry about getting the electric bicycle battery in the rain. The e-bike top speed can be as high as 32KM/H. The electromechanical is equipped with Xiongfeng high-speed rear-drive motor 36V250W and Lishui 36V250W MINI controller.

Asomtom electric bike for adult

The screen instrument and handlebar of this electric car are integrated. Compared with the large LCD display on traditional electric vehicles, this electric vehicle has a more exquisite appearance with integrated instrumentation. When you ride, you can glance at the information on the LCD display.

Asomtom electric bike lcd display

 Electric bicycles can be divided into five levels of assisted speed regulation, and the cruising range largely depends on your riding style, location, and way of riding. Generally, you can customize multiple assist levels according to your needs and choose them when riding. Choose environmentally friendly or low assist mode, you will need to put in more effort, but your battery will last longer. On the other hand, higher assist settings will help you go uphill and accelerate more easily under stop-start conditions but will drain the battery more quickly. We’ve made it easy to control your E-bike. With five levels of pedal assist, it’s never been so easeful to get around. Plus, the handlebar display always lets you know how much farther you can go.
But we should pay attention to that this electric bike should speed up when far away from the max 25° uphill 70-80 meters.

You can usually turn off the motor completely to save battery power, and for most systems, there will not be any additional resistance, although you still have additional motor and battery weight

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