Our Story

ASOMTOM is a factory with more than ten years of experience in making bicycles that has turned into an online bicycle brand. Brand founder Oliver and his family have been factory building in the traditional bicycle industry for over a decade. The company always takes low-carbon, energy-saving and sustainable development as its core concepts, and independently develops high-quality, first-class performance and cost-effective bicycle products.
In 2016, ASOMTOM has a team of cycling enthusiasts supported by a group of outstanding engineers. With years of experience in the design and manufacture of electric bicycles, we have improved the traditional model bicycles and designed some stylish, versatile and creative bicycle brands. Launched online retail in European and American markets. Now ASOMTOM has created mountain electric bicycles suitable for driving in hilly areas, snow electric bikes suitable for retirees to exercise, and commuter electric bikes suitable for daily travel, providing us with high-quality, durable electric bicycles for global health and sustainability. Development provides a hint of motivation. ASOMTOM brand electric bikes are now popular in Europe and the United States. By using a direct-to-consumer distribution model,We continue to provide more options for e-bike commuters and e-bike leisure travelers. It strives to create confident, carefree lives for its customers through relentless invention and innovation.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

Electric Bike be not only a means of transportation, and solve the problem of commuting traffic congestion for more commuters, while making our cities more environmentally friendly, providing forward momentum for more people with insufficient physical strength, while making the body healthier and living More vitality, so that more and more people love to ride electric bicycles, and make the world sustainable
Asomtom provides greener and fun solutions for daily commuting, short-distance transportation, and off-road adventures.

Let's ride e-bikes for a greener planet together!

Our Slogan

Ride be faster

Asomtom desires to offer high-quality Fast speed, high-mileage-range electric bikes at a much affordable price to our customers.

Ride be easier  

Asomtome ebike hope our ebike can make your commuting easier,You will never be caught in traffic congestion again. 

Ride be greener 

Asomtome ebike advocates make life more sustainable .We are committed to improving the environment because our bicycles provide a clean, green, no-petrol alternative to transportation.

Our Achievement






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