What you should know about E-Bike Classifications and Laws

what is a class 3 electric bike

If you are planning to buy an electric bike, you should check your local electric bikes and local regulations before buying. Federal law has given states to have different electric classifications and different legal regulations. Nowadays, electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular as the main means of commuting or travel. If you are not sure about your local laws, please check the article.

Electric bicycles are divided into three Class 

Class 1 electric bikes:

Class 1 e-bikes have pedal assist only. Without the accelerator function, the pedal assist function can provide you with a forward momentum when you press the pedal, and the maximum speed can reach 20mph. This speed is relatively safe, and only has the pedal assist function, so this kind of electric bicycle can be used in Most bicycle roads and ordinary streets can be ridden, and there are few traffic accidents. There is no need for a driver's license and license plate when riding, but a helmet is required.

Class 2 electric bikes:

Type 2 bicycles refer to electric bicycles that not only have the auxiliary pedal function, but also the accelerator auxiliary function. That is to say, when you do not use the pedal, you can use the pure electric mode and gently rotate the accelerator to generate forward power. The maximum speed of the bicycle can reach 20mph. Electric bicycles such as Asomtom RV1, RV2, RV3 belong to category 2 bicycles. They are suitable for riding on bicycle paths, sidewalks and ordinary roads. It is especially suitable for office workers, commuters, housewives, students, and convenient transportation between cities.

Class 3 Electric Bikes

what is a class 3 ebike?The main difference between Category 3 electric bicycles and calss 1 class 2 is that the speed of Category 3 electric bicycles can reach a maximum speed of 28mph under the motor throttle function. But Category 3 electric bicycles are more strict than others, and there are restrictions in many places. Category 3 cyclists do not need a driver's license or license plate, but the rider must be over 16 years old, and regular and bicycle lanes, sidewalks and trails are prohibited, only on highways and roads open to all types of vehicles ride.Asomtom E300 &Q7 belongs to Class 3,750w motor ,up to 28mph max speed.

Since there are many different types of e-bikes with different features on the market, these classes help keep cyclists, drivers and pedestrians safe. In California and 21 other states, bikes are divided into three categories based on top speed and whether pedaling is a necessary feature.

Asomtom ebike class

How to choose a suitable electric bike for you?

Class 1 electric bikes only have pedal assist, which generates forward power by stepping on the pedals. There is no accelerator assist mode, and the speed is not high, but there are some benefits for class 1 bikes. Pedal riding is a decent workout, but it doesn't use up much energy, and the e-bike doesn't last long. Only suitable for short distance travel. If you only travel a short distance and can exercise properly, and don't want to be too tired, you can choose a class of electric bicycles.
The price of second-class electric bicycles is generally medium, ranging from more than seven hundred dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. The second-class bicycle is suitable for commuting between cities, traveling, and traveling for the elderly, children, adults and women. Because compared with the first-class electric automatic bicycle, the second-class electric bicycle is more convenient, with accelerator assist and pedal assist functions, and riding is more convenient and easy. If you want to exercise, you can use the pedal assist function. If you don’t want to exercise, you can use the accelerator function. Like the Asomtom RV3 is definitely the best choice for most people, and it is cost-effective. Fat tires are designed for more terrain. Suspension forks can make riding more comfortable.
For Class 3 e-bikes, if you are interested in both commuting and adventure, we recommend checking out Asomtom's Class 3 models, you may even see some e-bikes on our site that can take some classes. From sport moped frames to the ultimate light commuter variant, our wide range of Class 3 electric bikes will help you get to your destination in safety and style.

If you are cruising on the bike lanes, please be aware of the local rules. Many places have e-bike regulations that prohibit Class 3 e-bikes on certain lanes and trails because of their speed, and these regulations discourage tourists from racing.

No matter what type of electric bicycle it is, pay attention to safety when riding, wear a good-looking helmet and a helmet when riding, and take other protective measures when necessary

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