Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Electric Bike

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Electric bicycles are all the rage in the market these days, and more and more people in the United States prefer to travel on electric bicycles. According to the survey, in 2022, Americans will buy an e-bike every five minutes every 52 seconds. An electric bicycle is an electric power-assisted bicycle. It is different from a traditional bicycle. Maybe you think that electric bicycles are just as suitable for young people or men as traditional bicycles. You need to wear fitness equipment before you can ride. But in fact, you don't need to think about these at all, because electric mopeds can now become a life that any adult can enjoy with any experience. You don't need a very healthy body, you don't need a strong stamina, you can choose as long as you like.

Nowadays, electric vehicles can be divided into urban electric bicycles, commuter electric bicycles, mountain electric bicycles, and electric bicycles with more leisurely daily designs. Traveling on an e-bike can change your lifestyle and allow you to exercise.

1. Lightweight. fast

Electric bikes are the best replacement for cars and public transportation, whether you are commuting by bike or getting around everyday, they are very convenient. E-bikes for commuting in the city are nimble, reliable, don't have to worry about heavy traffic, and are faster in time.

2. Exercise but make up for tiredness

Riding an electric bike is a great way to get fit. Electric bicycles have an electric vehicle mode and an auxiliary electric assist mode. When you want to exercise and you don’t want to be so tired, you can turn on the electric assist mode. When you ride an electric bicycle, you can step on the pedals to provide an auxiliary force to reduce your strength. Working out during commuting hours makes it easy to incorporate fitness into your daily routine without exhausting your body during work hours.

3. Control the rhythm yourself

Electric bicycles can generally reach 20mph per kilometer. You can control your riding speed as you like. Electric bicycles have the help of motors, and you can travel through various roads effortlessly. Step on the pedal as you like and relax. When you're done riding, you feel a post-workout euphoria rather than a burnout feeling.


4. Go far away

The battery life of an electric bicycle can generally reach 30-50km when fully charged, and a large battery capacity can reach 50-80km per hour. In addition to the capacity of the battery itself, the cruising distance will also vary depending on the terrain, weather, and rider weight. Therefore, you can go to the surrounding seaside or the suburbs to play according to your living environment.


5. Easy to assemble

When buying an electric bike, buy it online, most products are 90 percent already assembled. You don't have to worry about buying a bike online and it won't be assembled. Speaking of simplicity...our bikes are super easy to assemble. There are no tons of parts or lengthy instructions to juggle. Our bikes ship almost fully assembled, and almost anyone can have one assembled in about 10 minutes.


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