How to Replace the Inner Tube

How to Replace the Inner Tube

The inner tube is a consumable component of an electric bicycle that may need to be replaced when you have covered a certain distance or frequently ride in challenging terrain. You can follow the procedure I provide here or watch our instructional video on YouTube for guidance.

 Please watch the video for replacing the front or rear wheel before you remove the tire that requires the inner tube replacement.

Tools: Tire lever, multifunctional Allen wrench



Step 1: Unscrew the valve cap and use a tool to press against the valve to release the air until it's completely deflated.

Step 2: Use a tire lever to pry off the outer tire.

Step 3: Remove the old inner tube.

Step 4: Inflate the new inner tube to a suitable level. Then, position it correctly inside the tire.

Step 5: Insert the outer tire back onto the rim.

Step 6: Inflate the tire, pumping it until the inner tube is about halfway filled with air. Check if the safety line on the outer tire is approximately 1mm away from the rim and evenly distributed.

Step 7: Fully inflate the inner tube, pressing firmly to ensure it is adequately inflated.


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