How to Prevent injuries While riding an electric bike

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    Electric bicycles have become more and more popular in recent years. When riding an electric bicycle, there will be certain risks. It is inevitable to encounter riding injuries, especially in the case of a collision caused by fast riding, riding an electric bicycle is easy to be injured. Therefore, when riding, you should pay attention to take some measures to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of life. By learning these methods, you can prevent any serious fall bike injuries while riding.

1. Wear a helmet while riding

Wearing a helmet when riding an electric bike is the most important thing. Wearing a helmet can prevent you from getting more head damage when you are in a dangerous collision while riding. Many states in the United States have begun to implement relevant laws to require helmet riding. Wearing a helmet can protect your head and neck from being hit by the ground even if you fall or hit while riding.

2. Fold and roll

Accidents happen all the time. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, traffic, road surfaces, and weather conditions can all contribute to an accident. If you fall down while riding and hit the ground, when this happens, our first reaction should be to protect the head. In addition to the helmet protecting the head, we should take the initiative to take some measures to further Protect your head. How do i do this? Tilt your chin toward your chest and lift your arms to protect your neck and head. If you accidentally turn your fall to one side, you can easily turn your body to your back or side (shoulders, hips, hips). While this is a stressful situation, try to relax and roll on the ground when you fall. Staying calm and putting together prevents the body from becoming too stiff, which can damage the body. In case the force of the fall is too great, your head hits the ground.

3. Avoid using your hands when bumping

When an accident occurs while riding and hits the ground, many people habitually use their hands to support, but this situation often causes your arm to be more seriously injured or even broken, such as not only breaking your hand, but also breaking your wrist. , elbows, bones, all the way to the collarbone, so we should avoid using them in the event of a fall. As people's bones grow, people's bone density will become lower and lower, especially for middle-aged and elderly people, falling while riding is particularly likely to cause bone rupture. The weight of your entire body, falling weight, and weight on your hands can cause serious injury. The best way to fall and prevent falling on your hands is to spread the impact over a larger surface area, such as your back or sides


4. Ditch the bike

When it comes to falling and crashing on an electric bike, remember that your body is always the most important thing. Never injure yourself to save your bike when in danger, it's really not worth it. You and your health always come first and you need to protect yourself. This is done safely to drop a crashed mountain bike in the event of an accident and fall. Be vigilant and remember to better protect yourself by staying as far away from the bike as possible in the event of a fall or accident.


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