How to cycling to lose weight

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    Many people use bicycles as a means of transportation, which can be convenient for short distance travel, but many people do not know that riding a bicycle can also lose weight and exercise, and it is a good way of leisure. Science has proven that cycling can indeed lose weight. When cycling through the muscles, the fat in the body can be oxidized and the effect of weight loss can be achieved. But there is a difference between losing weight by cycling and ordinary recreational cycling.

    If you want to lose weight by cycling, you must establish a reasonable and continuous fitness program to be effective. type of bike Cycling can help you lose weight, so it doesn't matter what type of cycling you ride. The type of bike in general is chosen based on where you choose to ride.

Electric bicycle
    Electric bicycles have a motor to increase power. Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles can provide assistance when riding and reduce the burden of riding. Electric bicycles on the market today generally have assist mode, pure electric mode and traditional bicycle mode. If you want to lose weight and use more energy, you can use traditional electric vehicle mode to exercise. When you feel a little tired, if you can use assist mode to soothe and lighten your load.
Road bike
    The characteristics of road bicycles are that the tires are relatively slender and with stable brackets, road bicycles generally look more elegant, light and simple. Due to its light weight, it is easy to ride in the city without a lot of effort. Slim tires make road bikes more suitable for riding on smooth, smooth roads in the city.
Cruiser or SUV
   Compared with road bicycles, cruisers or off-road vehicles have thick and large tires, which are generally suitable for riding on rugged mountain roads or hills. This type of bicycle in the bicycle market has the effect of shock absorption, so it is suitable for riding on hills or mountain roads. It doesn't feel very bumpy when riding.
Recumbent bike
   Recumbent bikes are closer to the ground, like dirt bikes, and many exercisers use them in the gym in recent years. When riding a recumbent bike, you can sit up straight, but because it is very close to the ground, it is safe and quiet to ride on the road will be more secure. Traffic jams if driving on busy streets.

Important factors in cycling to lose weight
speed and intensity
    Cycling intensity is more important than speed if you want to lose weight. There is no doubt that you will burn more calories when you are particularly intense. If you ride a heavier bike than a lighter bike, the heavier bike will do relatively more work and burn more calories. In addition, the speed of riding is also a very important factor. When you exercise more intensely, you will burn more calories at the same time.
Distance and Duration

    Riding distance and riding time are two different concepts. You don't have to ride long distances to burn off your energy, but you want to make sure you lose weight while riding. Sometimes fast cycling can ride a long distance in a short period of time, but this is not conducive to the weight loss process. Generally, continuous slow aerobic cycling will achieve the best weight loss effect. Generally, the best way to lose weight is to start burning calories within 25-30 minutes of cycling.
Bike Location
    The location of the bike is also very effective for weight loss. Generally, riding on a stable and quiet bicycle path will make the weight loss effect better. If you take frequent breaks, your body will burn calories at a slower rate.

How to Increase Your Weight Loss Efficiency While Cycling
    There is no doubt that expending a certain amount of energy while riding can promote the burning of calories in the body. But if you want to see results quickly, diet control is also a very important factor during weight loss.

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