How to Choose the Best Electric Bike

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike

In recent years, due to the epidemic and rising gasoline prices, more and more people choose electric vehicles. Compared with traditional ordinary bike, electric bike are more comfortable and convenient to ride because of the motor assistance, and electric bicycles are more and more popular. But if you are just beginning to understand electric bicycles, and you are not very familiar with electric bicycles, and you need to buy an ebike urgently, then in this article, I will introduce you how to buy an electric bike, and what you need when buying an electric bicycle What are the points to consider?



Learn about the basic features of an electric bike.


  1. Understand the classification of electric bikes: In the United States, electric bicycles are classified into one category of electric bike, 2 categories of electric bike and 3 categories of ebike. In our previous article, we have mentioned the classification of electric bicycles and various riding regulations.
  2. Check the assistance level of the electric bike: In addition to the accelerator function, the electric bike on the market also have the pedal assist function, which can provide auxiliary power when riding and reduce the power consumption required for riding. All Asomtom electric bikes have assist pedal levels 1-5, and each of the five levels can provide different power.
  3. Understand the transmission of electric bike: Some electric bikes have 7-speed transmissions, 10-speed transmissions, and different transmissions can directly switch the crankset to allow you to switch between different shifting levels on different terrains to adjust the speed that suits you best.

In addition to the basic functions, the configuration of the electric bike also needs to be considered.


The basic configuration of battery life can affect your riding experience. Generally, the batteries of electric bicycles are divided into built-in non-removable batteries, built-in removable batteries and external removable batteries. Generally speaking, a removable built-in battery can make your ride more enjoyable because the removable battery is more convenient to charge and carry. The built-in battery is safer and more reliable than the external battery. For example, the Asomtom Q7 has a built-in removable battery, and the Asomtom RV3 has an external battery. In addition, the size of the battery content is also one of the important reference indicators. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the cruising range, but not the bigger the better, because too much battery capacity means a larger volume, and it is not convenient to carry or build in the bicycle tube.

Generally speaking, 36v 10A -48v 15A battery capacity is enough. The cruising range can reach between 35-60 miles, and if you buy a replacement battery, it can basically meet your daily needs. Of course, the cruising range is also affected by various aspects such as the rider's weight, riding mode and terrain slope, and is different from the actual optimal mileage.

Asomtom Q7 and E300 electric bicycles are equipped with 48v15a built-in removable lithium batteries, which can last between 35-60 miles, while Asomtom RV3 is equipped with 36v10A removable external lithium batteries, which can last between 30-45 miles.


The size of the motor determines how much maximum speed your bike can reach. The motors of electric bicycles on the market are generally 250w, 350w, 500w, and 750w. The torque of the motor determines the efficiency when carrying heavy objects. It can range from 40Nm to 80Nm. Riding torque may vary when you switch pedal assist settings. The larger the motor, the higher the speed it can achieve, but the larger the motor, the more power it consumes. While a powerful motor produces more power, you can drain the battery faster. For example, the electric bicycle battery of Asomtom Q7 and E300 is equipped with a 750w BAFANG Hub motor with 85NM of torque, which can reach more than 28MPH, while the Asomtom RV3 is equipped with a 350w Hub motor with 45NM of torque motor, which can reach a maximum speed of 20MPH. The difference between motor types is also introduced in the previous article. You can read the previous article What Types Of Motors Are Used In E-bikes to learn more about the difference between motors.



Braking performance

Brakes are also an important reference indicator when choosing an electric bike. Good brakes allow you to stop quickly in an emergency and ensure greater safety. Brakes are divided into disc hydraulic brakes and disc mechanical brakes. Hydraulic brakes with large motor sizes provide better performance, which is critical to your safety. The only downside is that they cost more to repair than mechanical braking systems.



The choice of different tire sizes is also worth considering for how to buy an electric bicycle. Tire size determines the range of terrain your bike can ride. If you need to ride rough mountain roads or uneven roads such as beaches, you need to choose a fat tire electric bike. Fat tire electric bicycles can provide greater grip and can ride smoothly even on uneven roads. If you usually ride mostly on city roads, you can choose a road bike.


Style & Design

The style and design of your bike can have a big impact on your riding comfort. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a sleek, modern bike or a bike with a more classic look. When you're shopping for an electric bike, you'll come across different frame styles, sizes, and lift positions. For example, the configuration of the Asomtom Q7 and E300 electric bike is the same, that is, two different style settings. The e300 is a Step-Thru design, which is more convenient to get on and off, and the Asomtom Q7 is more fashionable.



The suspension of electric bike is classified into front suspension and full suspension. Generally, bicycles are front suspension, but full suspension is used in mountain off-road bicycles. The full suspension system will increase the traction and reduce the impact on the rider. If it is just for ordinary travel, only the front suspension can be satisfied. The suspension belt lock can be adjusted more flexibly to adapt to different terrains. Likewise, when going uphill, the bike should lock up the rear suspension system to improve climbing efficiency

Wrap up

When you invest in an e-bike, you should have a mental picture of what the ride will do. Take the time to review the different models and see how they work. More specifically, you should research these features to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. When in doubt, you should test an e-bike to see which style is best for you.

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