Environmental Benefits of Electric Bike

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With the increase in carbon emissions from vehicles with various energy sources, carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion and other carbon emissions continue to intensify, resulting in continuous depletion of the ozone layer. Today, global temperatures are gradually rising, droughts are aggravating, and the weather is changing. The change of global temperature and environment has attracted more and more people's attention. The United Nations has classified climate change as an important issue, and sustainable development can be achieved by regulating energy and promoting the development of renewable energy.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Greenhouse gases on Earth are mainly composed of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. Greenhouse gases can absorb infrared radiation from the earth's surface and emit it back to the earth. In the atmosphere through greenhouse gases, these gases travel to the ground during the day, are absorbed and then radiate back into the atmosphere.
Without these gases, the Earth would be frozen at zero degrees Fahrenheit. They keep Earth's temperature habitable. So there are benefits. However, atmospheric concentrations of these gases contribute to the rapid increase in global warming, depleting the ozone layer. The global environment is getting worse and worse.
Therefore, how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an important concern. It would be a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline vehicles. We can reduce the frequency of car use and carbon emissions by traveling by e-bike. Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular as a new way of travel.
The benefits of riding an electric bike
Reduce the use of fossil fuels
The difference between electric bike and traditional bicycles is that electric bicycles have a motor drive to provide power. Compared with fossil fuels, electric energy has the characteristics of renewable, sustainable and low carbon emission, and it is a very good clean energy to replace fossil fuels. Using an assist pedal helps the rider propel himself forward without needlessly burning fuel or losing energy. An electric bike can also be called a zero-emission vehicle because it is powered by a lithium-ion battery that emits no harmful emissions.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have been infected through close contact, and reducing people's exposure in public places can reduce the risk of infection if they ride electric bike. Riding an electric bicycle can be more environmentally friendly, reduce carbon emissions, reduce traffic congestion, and save time to and from get off work. Not only does car travel cause delays, it also increases the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The amount of time cars and trains spend on the road means they burn more fossil fuels, which pollute the air.

The trend of electric vehicle travel will become more and more popular in the future. Reducing the travel of fuel vehicles by riding electric bicycles will be one of the effective means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future. Reducing carbon emissions and slowing the greenhouse effect is everyone's responsibility as we are, and Asomtom as a company joins the fight against global warming by producing affordable and sustainable electric bikes. Our bikes are sustainable, durable, fast, climate friendly and as light as possible to meet your specific needs.

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