When should the battery of an electric bike be replaced?

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Electric bikes are now popular in streets and alleys. As we all know, electric bicycles rely on pedals to drive motors to rotate, or batteries to drive power to work. Like other electrical appliances, the electric bike battery will also have problems during use, so when should we need to replace the electric bike battery? How should we replace the electric bike battery if there is a problem?


Most of the electric bike batteries on the market today are made of lithium-ion polymer, nickel-cadmium, sealed lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride, etc. These e-bike batteries will age after a period of use, and their battery life will be short. , at this time, you need to replace the e bike, which can re-improve the battery life and distance of the electric bike.


The service life of a battery depends not only on the material the battery is made of, but also on how the battery is used. So how to use it to extend battery life? So, when is the right time to replace an e-bike battery?


Reach the normal life of the electric bike's battery

The average battery life of an ordinary electric bike is 3-5 years. This period is not fixed, it will change according to your use and maintenance methods. If you keep the battery or the bike itself in a dry place with little temperature fluctuations, the battery will last longer. But what can't be questioned is that as the period of use increases, the efficiency of the battery will become lower and lower.


Daily wear and tear


In the daily use of the battery, if it is not placed or used improperly, it will cause the vibration on various roads to displace the battery from its original position. This will shorten the cable, or damage the battery case. Additionally, it can cause the terminals to come into contact with conductive surfaces, resulting in overheating and even fire. In the event of such physical damage, the battery should be replaced immediately.
chemical reaction loss

Generally, ordinary lithium batteries undergo chemical reactions during charging or discharging, but if the chemical reaction is incomplete during this process, gas will be generated, and the battery will be full of expansion. Riding a bike with a battery in this condition can do a lot of damage. In addition, electric bicycle batteries contain sulfuric acid, and hydrogen gas will be generated when a chemical reaction occurs. If mixed with other elements, it will cause corrosion of the battery end.
When the battery is placed with other metal objects, these objects can act as a bridge between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, resulting in an external short circuit and thus swelling.


If you find that the battery of your electric bike is being used abnormally, the battery life is too short or other appearance changes, it means that there is a problem with the battery of your electric bike. If your e-bike battery is older than normal, then you need to replace the battery. If the battery is not replaced in time, it may have more serious consequences.

When replacing the battery of an electric bicycle, it is necessary to replace the same type of battery as much as possible. If different e-bikes use a different type of battery, different from the original type, the e-bike may not function properly, resulting in malfunction. The model and type of battery are stated on the battery itself, so you should choose the same type. Only then can you restore your e-bike to maximum functionality and prepare you for future rides. If you decide to replace the battery yourself, be sure to have all the appropriate tools and kits at hand. If not, leave it to a professional.

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