What factors should I consider before buying an electric bike?

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If you want to buy an electric bicycle, then you must do a guide before buying an electric bicycle and understand the types of electric bicycles on the market. Now the electric vehicle market generally has city bikes specially designed for riding in the city, some are designed for riding on the road, and some are specially designed for the rough hills and mountains.

Classification of electric bicycles

Electric city bike: City electric bikes are great for cruising through the city, and often come with storage baskets, lights, and adjustable seats.

Electric road bikes: Electric road bikes are characterized by a particularly light, lightweight frame with particularly slender wheels and a minimalist style.

Electric mountain bikes: Electric mountain bikes usually have strong braking power, fat tires and a heavy frame, which can fully handle all kinds of rugged mountain roads, hills and ravines.

How fast can an electric bike go?

Electric bikes are assisted by motors. Many bicycles today have three modes: pure electric vehicle mode, cycling assist mode, and traditional bicycle mode. If it is in pure electric mode, the general speed can reach 20mph-28mph. Generally, mountain bikes in ordinary cities generally have a maximum speed limit of 20mph, and the speed of cross-country mountain bikes can reach 30mph/h. The motor power of electric bicycles is generally between 250w-850w. If you want to consider buying an electric mountain bike, you need to consider whether the electric mountain bike has a suspension system, because it will affect your experience.

1. Full-suspension or not: Full-suspension electric mountain bikes have shock absorbers front and rear to maintain bike stability and rider comfort even on the toughest terrain.

2. Hardtail: Hardtail electric mountain bikes have no rear suspension and rely on the rider to absorb shock with their legs. However, it is significantly lighter than most full-suspension alternatives.

3. Rigidity: Rigid electric mountain bikes have no suspension at all. The lack of a shock makes it very light, but it's not the ideal off-road companion for most riders. Maintenance of electric bicycles Under normal circumstances, a newly bought electric bicycle can normally be used within one year without repairing. However, the brakes, powertrain and other components are checked on a three-month or half-yearly period to ensure safe riding.

There are also some measures you can take yourself to keep your e-bike in top shape if you encounter special circumstances:

1. Lubricate the transmission system.

2. Keep the tires inflated.

3. Check for loose bolts and spokes.

4. Avoid draining the battery.

5. Store the battery in a dry place.

6. Keep the software up to date.

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