Tips for Riding Rides with accessories in the Autumn

Tips for Riding Rides with accessories in the Autumn
Autumn is coming. In order to make our riding experience in autumn more pleasant, we can configure some accessories on electric bicycles, which can make our journey more convenient, convenient and safe.
Let's add more fun to your upcoming fall trip together.
Some great accessories can improve your e-bike ride, whether you're doing it for fun or commuting.

Asomtom Step Thru All Terrain Electric Bike
Spare Battery

When riding an e-bike, using a spare battery will allow you to travel farther. This can make your trip less enjoyable if you are immersed in your journey and find that the battery is dead. Then a spare battery can replace the exhausted battery, and you can continue to enjoy longer journeys.

Bike Frame Bag

When riding, you may be inconvenient to carry a mobile phone or other things. The bicycle frame bag allows you to conveniently store mobile wallets, maps and other tools.

Bicycle rear rack

The bike rear rack can strap some luggage to it to make your ride easier. A sturdy bike rear frame is especially important when it comes to loading loads and reducing your stress.
In the process of riding, protecting personal safety is a very important premise. Especially when riding an electric bicycle and the speed is very fast, wearing a safety helmet is the first step in riding. Whether commuting or on short trips, we all need to wear bicycle helmets to increase safety awareness.

A stylish and safe helmet can not only bring comfort and safety, but also beautiful. The Asomtom EBIKE helmet shell is made of high-density shock absorbing EPS material with a hard protective shell for improved nighttime visibility. This helmet has air inlets and outlets for excellent all-around ventilation and an internal bug mesh to keep insects out.

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