The difference between a pedalless electric bike and a Regular electric bike

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The difference between a pedalless electric bike and a regular electric bike

As transportation technology becomes more sophisticated, a plethora of creative tools flow into the market. The traditional bicycle can only be pushed by stepping on the pedal, and it is easy to rust, and the electric bike is gradually replacing the traditional bicycle in a certain sense and has become a widely accepted means of transportation. Compared with small cars, ebike has the advantages of light weight and low price. If you want to buy an electric bicycle of your own, please see the following electric bicycle selection guide prepared by Asomtom for you.

The concept of pedalless bikes

Electric and battery-powered bicycles are becoming more and more popular, and with the rapid development of electric bicycles, it is updated with new features every day, one of which is "pedalless bicycles" - electric bicycles that run without pedaling. This explanation should be easy to understand, right? A pedalless bike is a twisting bike or an electric bike with a throttle, in a pedalless bike, the motor is started by the accelerator instead of the pedal and works without pedal assist. So what's the point of paying more for a pedalless e-bike since it can also be operated with pedals? Now, let Asomtom introduce its advantages and disadvantages to you!


Easy to use and maintain
Riding a pedalless e-bike doesn't require any special rider skills or knowledge, nor do you need to worry about annoying cables, all you have to do is hop on your pedalless e-bike and go for a ride!

Additional power supply
Electric bikes without pedal assist are undoubtedly better for climbing, because twisting the throttle gives you the power to go uphill with ease. Moreover, it has more power than an electric car with pedal assist, and when you stop in the middle and want to restart, it is also a very easy thing.

Electric vehicles without pedal assist have more strength and durability than regular electric vehicles.

Well controlled power
Riders have more control over the distance they need to ride when using an e-bike without pedal assist, simply because it starts with the throttle.

Lazy friendly
If you want to go out for a walk, but don't want to move your legs, consider it.

Stricter laws
Electric cars with gas pedals are more subject to stricter and stricter laws than those with pedal assist, but it is also understandable that safety comes first of course.

Battery power
An e-bike with a gas pedal is completely battery-dependent, so it takes longer to charge than an e-bike with pedal assist.

Riding range
As mentioned above, an e-bike with a throttle needs to run on power, and if you don't charge the battery frequently, it won't guarantee your long-distance travel will be smooth.

Regulatory approaches and issues for pedalless electric vehicles

In the U.S., an electric bike with a throttle is considered a Category 2 electric bike and needs to provide a top speed of 20 mph. In the UK, conventional e-bikes requiring pedal assist are limited to no more than 15.5mph.

Under UK law, 14 is the minimum age limit for a rider.

E-bike licenses and e-bikes without pedal assist still depend on the laws in your country, some states allow e-bike licenses, but some more restrictive states do not.

Fines and penalties
Penalties for e-bike offenders vary depending on your state and territory laws. If you are charged with breaking the law, you can be faced with severe fines and penalties.

In conclusion
Thanks to modernization, e-bikes are evolving faster than any high-quality engine. E-bikes that use the gas pedal or pedalless e-bikes provide riders with a more fun and relaxing riding experience. With its incredible features and easy-to-use features, an electric bike with a throttle is something we must expect to go mainstream. We cannot deny that even e-bikes applying new technologies or updating their functions and features have flaws and imperfections that we need to consider. Over the next few years, we can expect e-bikes without pedal assist to replace traditional e-bikes with great safety, durability and performance improvements in the years to come.



  • Robert Elliott

    Is the Asomtom SR6 a class 2? I want a bike that can go on its own without pedaling or can be pedal assisted. Please advise.

  • Robert Elliott

    Is the Asomtom SR6 a class 2? I want a bike that can go on its own without pedaling or can be pedal assisted. Please advise.

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