Q7/E300 LCD Display Features

Q7/E300 LCD Display Features

Today, we are presenting the features of the LCD display for Q7/E300. Let's introduce the basic functions of the LCD display. You can watch our video on YouTube, which includes many accessory replacement guides worth watching.

  1. Press and hold the "M" button to power on/off the display.

  2. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the pedal assist level. The pedal assist level ranges from 0 to 5, with "0" being the off mode. The higher the level, the stronger the pedal assist. When the pedal assist level is at 0, there is no motor assistance while pedaling.

  3. Press and hold the "+" button to turn on/off the front light. If the front light fails to turn on after holding the button, please contact us.

  4. Press and hold the "-" button to activate the walk-assist mode. The walk-assist mode automatically turns off when you release the "-" button. The power output in walk-assist mode matches your walking speed. This mode is particularly useful when you need to push the bike.

These are the four basic functions of the Q7/E300 LCD display. I hope this information is helpful to you all.


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