How To Decerated With Your Electric Bike

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When epidemic infectious diseases start to spread on a large scale, more and more people choose a more environmentally friendly and low-carbon travel lifestyle with less contact. There is no doubt that electric vehicles and bicycles are becoming more and more popular.

When you buy an e-bike you like, how can you decorate your e-bike in a special style. Although different brands of electric bicycles have different designs and have their own styles, their designs still lack personal style. A bike that suits your style will be more fun to ride and closer to your character.

 If you have the idea of decorating your own electric bike, what should you do? Where to do it? If you have no ideas and inspiration, I can give you some suggestions to solve this problem.

Electric vehicle lamp decoration


If the most special decoration in the electric bicycle decoration is that part, there is no doubt that the lamp decoration is the most important part of the whole electric vehicle decoration. Beautifully decorated and personalized lights, night riding will be more attractive and attractive. There are many choices of lights, solid lights, flash lights and colored lights, you can choose one of them or a combination of them to make your bike unique. They come in a variety of options, such as the light valve that attaches the plastic attachment of the spokes to the stem cap. They can even fit on wheels. Since this type of light needs to be connected to the battery of the e-bike, it is best not to do this project yourself, but to seek professional and professional installation help.


Frame decoration

Another creative decoration modification is the modification of the frame decoration. The electric bicycle can make the whole vehicle look like new through the new paint. There are many personalized paints on the market. You can buy them back for special The paint e-bike shop to re-spray a personalized car paint.

Baskets for decorative electric vehicles

In the decoration of electric bicycles, the basket is a very important part of electric bicycles
Appendix. An e-bike basket is not only a place to decorate your e-bike but also to hold things, keeping personal items in the front. Decorating a basket can be done in many different ways, from pom-poms for a look, ribbon for an elegant look, and flowers.


Decorating the handlebars of an electric bike

You can decorate the handlebar in any way you like, you can decorate it with streamers or mirrors, this is easy to do, you prepare 3-6 ribbons, as well as a screw and a screw with eyes. The first thing to do is poke a small hole with a nail in each end of the handlebar grip. You can also use a zipper to attach the ribbon to the handlebar or handlebar end. After that, you can screw the eyebolts into the holes. They will fit nicely and you can now take the ribbons and thread them through the eyelets.

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