How To Choose the Right Ebike for You

The best ebike 2020-Asomtom Electric bike
We don't want you to ride only electric bicycles, we only want to Choose the Right Ebike for You electric bicycles.

Many people didn't know what type of electric bicycle was suitable for them when they first bought an electric bicycle. For many people, they have a phobia of choosing. Faced with so many electric bicycles on the market, how to choose an electric bicycle that suits them is not a simple matter.
Below we will choose a few ways to help you choose the right electric bicycle for you.

Electric bike battery 

Generally, the most important point of concern when buying an ebike is the battery of an electric vehicle. The larger the battery capacity of an electric vehicle, the longer the battery life.

If you want to buy an electric bike that you want to use for commuting, and the commuting distance is not very far , it is generally recommended to choose about 36v, and electric bike rangee is about 25km-40km. If your commuting distance is not long, you don’t need to choose too big a battery, because too big a battery also means that the weight of the bicycle will be heavier and larger.

A bicycle mainly used for commuting, I suggest that you can choose this bicycle K70 field electric bicycle

This bicycle is light and fast, equipped with a 36v.7.5 a battery, and can last for a commuting distance between 30-45km. It is very suitable for commuters to use when commuting to and from get off work. This electric bike has three riding modes. If you want to exercise, you can use it as an ordinary bike. If you are tired and you don’t want to ride, you can use the electric bike mode. You can ride without any effort. If you still want to exercise your colleagues without making your body feel tired, then you can use the boost mode, so you can exercise easily.

If you want to buy an electric bicycle, and want to ride in the mountains, hills, hills and other places, I suggest that you can choose a mountain fat tire electric bicycle with sufficient battery power.

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