About Asomtom's battery fuse protection mechanism

About Asomtom's battery fuse protection mechanism

Your electric bike suddenly loses power while riding. After inspecting the wiring of the electric bike and finding no faults in any connections, it is highly likely that the fuse has blown for protection.

The fuse protection mechanism is a special safeguard implemented by Asomtom to protect the battery of the electric bike. Its existence provides an additional layer of safety for customers, preventing potential threats to their well-being caused by battery malfunctions. The principle behind this mechanism is to prevent excessive current output that could irreversibly damage the battery. For example, when riding for extended periods in hot weather, the battery may overheat, triggering the fuse protection mechanism.

When the fuse protection mechanism activates, there is no need to worry too much. All components of the electric bike will continue to function normally, and the issue can be resolved by simply replacing the fuse.

How to check if the fuse has blown:

Tools: Screwdriver

  1. Remove the battery and locate the rear of the battery (where there are six slots).

  2. Unscrew the four screws at the rear of the battery using a screwdriver to open the rear cover.

  3. Find the black connector cover that connects the two red wires and open it.

  4. Observe if the fuse between the two wires has broken. If it is broken, it indicates that the fuse protection mechanism has been triggered, and you need to replace the fuse.

How to replace the fuse:

Simply detach the transparent small component and install a new fuse.


Asomtom's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIyzk0KUuWzdDyPtUROFaQw

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