7 Tips on How to Avoid a Flat Tire

Asomtom 750w fat tire electric bike

Riding a beloved bike over mountains and mountains is one of the greatest joys in life for electric bicycle enthusiasts. But it can be frustrating to have a flat tire. As one of the most important components of an electric bike, the condition of the tires is an important factor in determining whether the riding experience is pleasant or not. Not only can a flat tire be frustrating, it may even be a lurking danger factor. Today, Asomtom will teach you how to avoid a flat tire. Let's learn together!

1. The last safety check before starting the ride

First of all, before starting to ride, please carefully check the surface of the electric bike tires, pay attention to whether there are hard and sharp objects such as glass slag and sharp stones on the tires. Second, remember to check tire wear. Slick tires can be a safety hazard. If the electric bicycle tires are damaged, in order to cope with the situation that some tires cannot be repaired, we have to bring a heavy spare tire and some tools. Of course, the Asomtom Q7 built the bike with these things in mind.

2. The choice of tires with or without tubes

Tubeless tires are the choice of many bicycle enthusiasts, especially those who love mountain bikes. But before choosing it, what you need to understand is that there are two types of tires, one with tube and one without tube, and both have their pros and cons. A tire with a tube can choose to increase the air pressure to bear the weight to achieve the purpose of easy loading, but if the tube is punctured, it will quickly leak, and you can only choose to replace the tire; on the contrary, the tubeless tire has good performance. Flexibility and heat dissipation, but not pulling heavy objects or overloading, in addition to that, since it is mostly not a heavy duty tire, the side of the tire will be very fragile.

3, pay attention to check the tire pressure

How to check bicycle tire pressure? Generally speaking, you can quickly judge whether you need to pump up by pinching it with your hand. You can also choose a more accurate gauge to read tire pressure. Note that if you are riding an electric mountain bike, it is best to use a precise gauge.

4. You may consider using rim tape

In addition to sharp objects, the rim itself can also cause a flat tread. The rims made of metal are very stiff. Edges, valve holes and spoke holes are rough and risky. You can remove the tire or tube and put some slick tape on the bottom of the rim, which greatly reduces the chance of a puncture.
caution. Whether you have road tires, fat tires, tubeless or tubed, rim tape is useful.

5. Sealant can also protect tires

Sealant is also a good item for protecting tires. When the e-bike is accidentally punctured by sharp objects such as glass or branches, the sealant inside the tire will gather to block the punctured place and reduce air leakage. Of course, when you buy it, check if it's for tube or tubeless.

6. How to choose new tires?

1) Size: Be sure to choose a tire that fits your electric bicycle size
2) Puncture resistance: The quality of puncture resistance is an important factor to consider when you buy a new tire
3) Pattern: The complex pattern has strong grip and traction.

7. Routine maintenance

Pay attention to the following points in your daily care to help extend ebike battery life:
1) Appropriately inflated, not too much or too much is recommended
2) Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the bike when loading
3) Keep away from chemicals and flammable substances such as oil and acid, and keep in a cool place
4) Frequent cleaning helps reduce tire damage due to debris
5) Be careful when changing tires, improper operation may damage the inner and outer tires. Therefore, it's better to use a tire lever instead of finding anything to change tires. When installing, pay attention to the flatness of the inner tube.

Of course, you should also pay attention to avoid sharp objects and hard objects when riding. When cleaning up debris, be sure to check your electric bicycle tires.

I hope the content shared by Asomtom above is helpful to you and the bicycle lovers around you. Please keep safety first and protect yourself, your family and friends are looking forward to seeing you every day.

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