5 Signs It's Time to Service Your ASOMTOM E-Bike

5 Signs It's Time to Service Your ASOMTOM E-Bike

Are you planning to ride an ASOMTOM electric bike for your outing? Electric bikes are suitable for everyone and come in many types to meet different needs, such as the all-terrain electric bike Q7 and the city commuter electric bike RV3. These products are high-performance models with reliable quality and performance.

No matter which model and style of ASOMTOM bike you ride, it is important to take care of your electric bike and accessories. Regular maintenance, from the bike frame to the BAFANG motor, can always give you the highest mileage.

But you may still be wondering when is the best time for maintenance and how often should it be done? Keep reading, and I will tell you five main signs of electric bike maintenance.

1.Cleaning of your ASOMTOM electric bike

Perhaps the most common sign is the accumulation of dust, water stains, and mud, which can greatly increase the wear pressure on ASOMTOM parts, especially on the power and transmission systems. We understand that nobody likes to do the tedious work; this process is time-consuming, and hours of cleaning and wiping often make our necks stiff or our backs sore.  

However, with a little bit of appropriate work, you can keep your ASOMTOM electric bike free from serious damage. This can also help prevent more maintenance needs. Practice proves everything; when you develop a habit of cleaning your electric bike, you often find it faster and less troublesome.  

We strongly recommend that you clean and add lubricant to the corresponding parts in dirty places or after riding for about three months. But please do not apply lubricant to the brake components or anything else to the brake components.

2.Riding an ASOMTOM electric bike becomes more difficult

The biggest advantage of ASOMTOM electric bikes is that they make everything convenient. Whether you're on the all-terrain Q7, the E300 fat tire snow bike, or the RV3 city commuter, riding them should be a breeze. However, if these parts start to rust or become clogged with dust, your overall riding quality will suffer. Not only are you at risk of injury, but you also have to endure greater pressure with each pedal stroke.

This is especially true for those who need a certain degree of pedal assistance to ride better. If these components become clogged, even a slight pedal stroke can become a burden. Therefore, we must regularly clean your drive chain.

This is not limited to the motor. Losing braking ability may be the most urgent issue for every ASOMTOM customer. The brakes should be maintained every 3-6 months at least, and the brakes on your ASOMTOM electric bike should be checked before each ride.

3.Your electric bike is running slower or not fully charging

Have you noticed a significant decrease in your bike's power, to the point where it's less than half of what it used to be? This is often due to issues with the components inside the electric bike, and the biggest culprit is usually the battery.

If you feel like your electric bike isn't getting enough power, it's time to consider getting it repaired. However, this is often a technically complex process that requires the involvement of a professional. It can be expensive and inconvenient, so it's important to ensure that you purchase a reliable electric bike with a long-term quality guarantee. The ASOMTOM Q7 and ASOMTOM E300 are great examples, as they both use built-in batteries that can effectively protect the battery from rain and collisions, ensuring that it can be used normally for a longer period of time.

It's also important to note that without the relevant technical knowledge, you should not attempt to repair the battery or other electrical components yourself.

4.Your electric bike won't start

That's the worst-case scenario - you haven't paid attention to your electric bike for a long time, left it outside on a rainy night, and maybe there's a problem with the components. Regardless, there are three ways to solve this problem:

Find a local expert: First, contact ASOMTOM customer service and look for a local repairman under the guidance of the staff.

Buy a new electric bike: We all know that emotions can bring a person a great impact, but there is always a time to let it pass. A brand new electric bike will open up a more enjoyable and reliable riding experience.

Contact ASOMTOM customer service: This is the simplest and best advice. If your ASOMTOM electric bike is still under warranty and has not been damaged, you can contact ASOMTOM customer service during the warranty period! We will provide a reliable and satisfactory solution to help you solve this problem.

5.Your ASOMTOM electric bike has been in use for a year

Even if you feel that every electric bike runs well, it's still irresponsible not to maintain it for a year. When you are driving along the road, you not only put yourself in danger but also endanger other vehicles and pedestrians. Don't wait until the critical moment to find out that your brakes are not working.

Seriously, this principle is important even for regular bikes, including braking and shifting. However, compared to conventional models, electric bikes have more components and are more susceptible to damage. Nothing lasts forever, so make sure to maintain your electric bike once or twice a year to ensure its longest lifespan.

Remember these five situations, and you can bring maximum benefits to every bike ride. As always, thank you for your visit; we hope we can answer your questions one by one.

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