Commuter FAQs

What is the warranty on this product?

Asomtom electric bike offer a 1 Year warranty on electrical/mechanical components and frame upon factory default. For more information on our policy

View our warranty here.

How long can it be assembled?

Asomtom E-bikes can be assembled in 45-60 minutes.

When will my bike ship?

Models purchase on preorder will begin shipping mid June. Once your model ships out you will recieve a tracking email to update you on your models specific shipping date.

 How do I find what bike size is for me? I have my inseam size.

We recommend looking at our size chart and viewing the standover height. Comparing this to your inseam, you will want to get the frame that is closest to - but is not higher than your inseam.
What Is the Difference Between the Billing Address and the Shipping Address?
The billing address should be the same address you provided to your bank when you applied for your credit/debit card; the shipping address is the address you want us to ship the order to.

It's better to use your billing address as the shipping address to avoid unnecessary payment complications.

Can I Cancel or Change the Order I Just Placed?
It is possible to cancel or change your order only if the item has not been dispatched. Please contact us via our customer support email at

How to Enable the Cruise Mode?

No, this electric bike not support the Cruise Mode.
How far can I go on a single charge?
This Communter e-bike has a range of up to 30 miles if you fully charge the battery. However, the actual range depends on various factors such as terrain types, wind, and load. We recommend you follow riding instructions in the user manual to maximize your riding range.

What is an integrated battery?

An integrated battery means battery embedded in the frame, which makes the ebike more windproof, rainproof and vapour-proof. Long-time exposure to humid environment is not suggested for maintaining your bike.


Is this battery removable?
Yes,this battery can removable,When charging, it can be charged directly, no need to remove, if there is no special situation, it is not recommended to remove the battery.
What is the lifespan of the battery?
Yes. You can take out the battery for charging or storage. Please be careful when removing this battery from the bicycle frame in case of damage. For details, please refer to the user manual.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
A full charge takes up to 4 hours. You can read the LED lights to check the battery level when the battery is being charged.

Which terrain type is suitable for this e-bike?

Commuter ebike enable this type of e-bikes to perform well in all terrain types, such as city roads.

Can this e-bike be folded?

Sorry, our e-bikes cannot be folded. If you want foldable e-bikes, you can check out our other e-bikes.

Can this e-bike still function as a regular bicycle when the battery runs out?

Yes. If the battery dies, you can still ride this e-bike as a normal bicycle.

How does this e-bike reach its maximum speed?

This e-bike can reach a maximum speed of 32km/h when only using electrical power. However, by using the pedal assistance, it can easily exceed 20 mph and can even reach speeds of up to 28 mph when using the highest pedal assistance level.

How can I get the best milage out of the e-bike?

Take the following measures listed below to reduce negative impact on milage:
1. Inflate the tires to the specified pressure.
2. Avoid frequent braking during your ride.
3. Use more pedal assistance and less throttle power.

What is the maximum slope this bike can climb?
The maximum climb of this electric bicycle is 25°

I have other questions.

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